Registration of HULT Prize at BSMRMU took Place

The first-ever On-Campus competition of the HULT Prize is to be held at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (BSMRMU), which definitely excites the students with the opportunities to create an innovative business idea that carries the SDG values. The Registration process ended earlier this month and 88 students have registered in 19 different teams.

Each team consists of 3-5 members, (the majority of the members must be from BSMRMU, and one can participate from outside) to join the On-Campus Program.

The organizing members of HULT Prize this year at BSMRMU have tried their best in campaigning and reaching out to the students. They are excited and hopeful to have their 88 participants competing for the top spot of HULT Prize this year who can ensure some great ideas.

The HULT Prize is the world’s largest student organization helping students from more than 3,000 educational institutions in more than 121 countries, in partnership with the United Nations. This year, the concept is focused on Redesigning Fashion which is one of the most challenging things in the world business and economy to be carried on for the next few decades.

By fashion, it means anything that we make you feel expressed through your choice, whether it’s the clothes or shoes, or accessories you are wearing. While people are focusing on fashion so much & industries earning billions of dollars every year, a few of them are concentrating on the effects the environment is having because of it. The fashion industry is heavily responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Up to 8% of such dangerous gas emission is from the fashion industry.

This destruction cannot be kept going otherwise the environment will soon fall into a vulnerable situation that will be too late to be fixed. Industries need to change their way of designing fashions. They need to align with the Sustainable Development Goals that are set by the UN. So, new plans are needed, and the young generations are needed to step forward to give the best business idea that they have which will improve the world’s economy and environment in a sustainable way. That is why this year, HULT Prize is giving the students an opportunity to think in their own way, while keeping the betterment of the world, to give a business plan on Redesigning Fashion, that can ensure benefits for every person in general.

This year, the final will be held in Paris, France. And there will be four rounds for a team to compete and finally win the 1 million USD. To grab more knowledge about the HULT Prize Competition 2023, check their official website, (https://www.hultprize.org/)


Sheikh Mehbuba Moitree
Joint Head of Print & Media
Hult Prize at BSMRMU

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