The Journey of Hult Prize-2023 has started at BSMRMU

Hult Prize-2023

The Journey of Hult Prize-2023 has started at BSMRMU .An annual competition for university students in which they try to come up with a sustainable business idea, keeping in mind the present and future of the world, is the Hult Prize. This sensational competition among students is organized every year in 2000+ campuses across the world. Generally, with the constant changes in the world, cheap and high-quality & sustainable business ideas come forward.

Known and hailed as the “Nobel Prize for Students”, the Hult Prize is the world’s largest social entrepreneurship competition organized by the Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation.
The competition lays the way through youth impact focused programs, events, training and USD 1,000,000 global start-up prize. Hult Prize is held once a year in different university campuses of 121 countries as well as Bangladesh.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University is starting the Hult Prize journey for the third time. However, this is the university’s first on-campus competition. The list of organizing committee has already been published on the official Hult Prize at BSMRMU facebook page. The students are more interested in this year’s competition than last time.

The Hult Prize competition is conducted with three objectives, which are leadership qualities, self-awareness & knowledge, and above all team work qualities. By participating in the Hult Prize, students get a chance to win prize money, get invited to global meetings, to be global exposure and get a certificate for participation.

The competition organizes the students to prepare properly for any competition or occasion, to understand the questions that one may be asked and to prepare the necessary answers in advance. This minimizes the possibility of being surprised by sudden critical questions.

As technology continues to improve, the contest helps participants consider and highlight the technological element in any innovation. Not just ideas, but also a good knowledge of the market gained through the proper survey and analysis is one of the keys to the competition.

As a team, students are taught how to think, act, and act in ways that bring about the kind of change they want to see in the world. Students work together with a variety of experts, organizers and volunteers to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. By sharing their new ideas and inspiration, networks and the work that comes with it, there is hope for a sustainable and better business idea for all. Management and communication skills are strengthened through it.

ইউনিভার্সিটি রিভিউ – বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান মেরিটাইম বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়, বাংলাদেশ

By participating in the competition, students not only become conscious entrepreneurs but also become part of a generation of global leaders. It acts as a solution area for various time-consuming problems.

When we contacted the newly found Committee of BSMRMU, the head of print & media, a student of the Department of Maritime Law and Policy, Sheikh Mehbuba Moitree said, “The BSMRMU Hult Prize 2023 will work to expose students to a variety of global events and trends and to bring forth sustainable and innovative ideas.”

Rakib Rahman, campus director of this year’s Hult Prize at BSMRMU, a student of Port and Shipping Management department, urges that – “In order to get a better future by eliminating problems like global warming, food crisis, environment and above all social disaster, it is necessary to make rapid changes in the traditional issues of the world. The Hult Prize is one of the world’s leading youth-focused competitions that help achieve the Sustainable Goals by offering a challenge each year. The current generation can not rest only after acquiring the knowledge from the text books & think about the problems of a single sector of his/her engagement! Instead, by increasing the scope of knowledge, they must try to solve various problems as far as possible. Redesigning fashion, which is the challenge of the Hult Prize 2023, highlights a problem that is intrinsic to each of us. We all need to come forward to solve the problems related to this industry, with innovative ideas.”


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