Holy Cross College Admission circular 2020

  • Application Starts: August’9 2020
  • Application Ends: 15 September 2020
  • Application Fee: 200 Taka through Bkash.
  • Application Medium: Offline.
  • Admission Test Date:
  • Admission Test Result:
  • Number of available seats:
    • Science: 780
    • Humanity: 270
    • Business Study: 280
  • Condition Before application:
    • Only Girls from Bangladesh are allowed to apply.
    • Each girl’s marital status have to be unmarried. Even won’t be able to engaged in married life until he passed HSC from this college.
Section Application Migration
Science 5.00 At least 4.50 and 4.00 to migrate from Science to Business Study and Humanity accordingly
Humanity 3.00 Not Applicable.
Business study 4.00 At least 4.00 to migrate from Business study to Humanity.

College Review – Holy Cross College

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