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Christian missionaries established Saint Joseph College on 19 March 1954 at Monir Hossain Lane in Old Dhaka. It was then called “St. Joseph’s English Medium School”. Later in 1985, it was shifted to 98, Asad Avenue, Dhaka. After independence, according to the official notification, Bangla medium was introduced in the school and the activities of the school named “St. Joseph Secondary School” continued. The “College Branch” was added to the institution in 2001, and the name was changed to “St. Joseph’s High School” (St. Joseph’s College). Both Bengali and English versions are available in the school. St. Joseph’s College students came to be known as “Josephite”. The institution has a very rich history as a traditional school. However, our discussion today will only be college-centric.

এই রিভিউটি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন

At a Glance

Name: St. Joseph’s High School
Area: 3.15 acres
Established: 2001 (College Branch)
Building: A four-storey and a two-storey building connected
Designer: Robert Boogie (Famous Designer who also designed Kamalapur Railway Station)
Students: 1480 students (current)
School Day: March 19 (Josephite Day)
Address: 98, Asad Avenue (Gate), Mohammadpur, Dhaka – 1206
Short name: St Joseph / SJHSS
Motto: প্রজ্ঞা ও পুণ্যের সাথে হও অগ্রসর (Advancing in wisdom and virtue)



  • A spectacular academic building, uniquely designed,
  • 2 canteens,
  • Basketball courts,
  • Auditorium, open
  • Volleyball court
  • Table tennis court,
  • Cricket Practice Ground,
  • Field for football and handball,
  • Well-equipped and rich library
  • Excellently managed modern laboratory

Dress Code

  • College monogrammed white shirt
  • Ash pants,
  • Black sneakers,
  • Blue sweater with monogram (winter)

Class Time

  • 8.30 am to 1 pm.
  • The gate is closed after 8.20 am, and no one can enter.


Anyone can be admitted to this college through the admission test from 2015 in the wake of the writ petition in the Hon’ble Court. This competitive test is completed in two steps, written and oral.

Number of seats

Total 640 (only for boys)

  • Science: 500 (Bangla Medium: 400, English Medium: 100)
  • Business education: 160
  • Humanities: 60

Costs & Fees

  • 15,000 BDT at the time of admission
  • 1400 BDT per month
  • Session Fee 12,000 BDT (at the time of 2nd Year admission)


St. Joseph warmly welcomes co-educational activities for his students. There are 15 clubs in the college.
The clubs organize a variety of intercollegiate fests every year and manage the events very efficiently. Scintilla Science Club (SSC) is one of the oldest and most traditional science clubs in the country. The Josephite Debating Club (JDC) also competes in big competitions every year and snatches the victory. At the same time, by organizing the annual inter-college debate fest, the prestige of the college is constantly increasing. Also, the other major clubs that operate regularly are:

  • JCF – Josephite Cultural Forum
  • JEEC – Josephite Eco Earth Club (JEEC)
  • JDG – Josephite Drama Group (JDG)
  • JLRC – Josephite Language & Reading Club (JLRC)
  • JMC – Josephite Math Club (JMC)
  • Chess Club
  • Josephite IT Club
  • Josephite Business Club (only for the Students of Arts & Commerce group)



There is no substitute for exercise and sports to stay healthy in life. That is why besides studying in college, sports are equally important. Basketball grounds are used for regular practice and often for various tournaments. Even the college principal, the vice-principal, often participates in games with the students in the afternoon.

Saint Joseph College has been doing well in inter-college basketball, table tennis, handball. The college also has a good position in inter-college football and cricket. The Josephite Premier League Cricket / Football Tournament is organized every year by forming section-based teams.


Official Website: sjs.edu.bd

Institutional results

The organization has maintained a distinct position in this regard, that is; Never take board exams alone as your goal or objective. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Encourages not just memorization but “clear understanding than learning”. At the same time, it is always more important to do well in the admission test than in the board exam. That is to say, the board result is not that good, but not so much! Although not very traditional as a college, the results are going well every year.

Year Appeared Passed Pass Rate GPA-5
2020 728 728 100.0 574
2019 664 652 98.19 183
2018 649 645 99.38 212
2017 637 624 97.96 325


And, since the main focus is on the admission test, the Josephites get great results in the admission test every year. Many students are going to study in engineering, medical, varsity as well as foreign countries every year on scholarships.


এই রিভিউটি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন


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