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Cox’s Bazar Government College is a pilgrimage center for students of South Chittagong. It is the largest educational institution in the region. It is the first recognized college affiliated to the National University among other colleges in Cox’s Bazar district. After its establishment in 1962, the college started its journey with the Department of Secondary and Commerce. After its nationalization on March 1, 1960, the college came to be known as Cox’s Bazar Government College.

Located in the Muhuripara area of Link Road, Jhilwanjha Union, Cox’s Bazar District, this college covers an area of 17.92 acres. There are a total of 11 buildings, including a huge playground and a long entrance with a pond.

এই রিভিউটি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন


  • Administrative building
  • Commerce building
  • Independence Building
  • Sociology building
  • Physics building
  • Botany building
  • Academic building cum examination hall
  • Expanded new science building
  • 2 girls hostels with 240 seats
  • Principal’s residence
  • Mosque adjacent to the pond
  • Shaheed Minar
  • A huge playground

This campus has a huge store of natural beauty. This campus has a combination of different types of plants. There is a flower garden where there is a huge store of botany.



  • Each department has its lab system.
  • Students’ daily attendance is determined by the digital attendance method.
  • The entire campus is included in the WiFi zone.
  • There are 3 full-functioned computer labs for students
  • 11 multimedia classrooms
  • A Foreign Language Training Center (FLTC)
  • Basic Bank has a collection booth on the college campus for students to deposit various fees


The number of students studying in the whole college in the 1st year, 2nd year, honors, bachelor and degree is about 12000.


The college has a total of 66 teaching posts including principal and vice-principal. Teachers in each department have BCS equivalent qualifications and master trainer quality teachers. In addition, more than 50 3rd and 4th class government and non-government employees are working.


Fees / Costs

The salary and admission fee of the college is fixed by the government. They are taken at once at the beginning of the admission. Its amount as a government college is within the reach of everyone.

  • Admission fee – 2000-2500 BDT

Recent Results:

Year Appeared Passed Pass Rate GPA-5
2020 1033 1033 100.0 495
2019 999 941 94.19 52
2018 922 837 90.78 32
2017 896 833 92.97 35



  • White shirt
  • Black pants
  • ID card


There are various clubs in the college and their activities are going on very vigorously.

  • BNCC
  • Rover Scout
  • Red Crescent

Respected teachers are under the overall supervision of each club.

Residential facilities

Although not for all students, Cox’s Bazar Government College has two girls hostels with 240 seats for student accommodation. The hostel has very strict rules and very good security arrangements. The students do not have to face any difficulty or danger. The study environment is also good enough. There is a full-time teacher in the hostel. Who looks after the girls all the time.


Transport facilities

There are two buses for student transportation.

Number of seats

  • Science – 350
  • Humanities – 300
  • Commerce – 350

Eligibility for admission

Minimum GPA set by the board of students admitted to the college

  • Science – 4.00 (below 4.50 can be applied but chances are very low)
  • Humanities – 3.00
  • Business – 3.50

The admission process is completely online based and in this case the rules of the board are followed completely

Official Website: www.cgc.edu.bd/
EIIN: 106317


Finally, I would like to say that Cox’s Bazar Government College is a reputed college in South Chittagong and Chittagong Division. Every year, a large number of students get a chance in the admission test in different public universities. So I would say this is one of the best choices for college selection. Welcome to this 16.92 acre.

এই রিভিউটি বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন

We are looking for campus ambassador from Cox’s Bazar Government College রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন এখনইRegistration Form.

info: Musab Saeed Abdullah


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