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Dhaka College is a traditional and reputed educational institution in Bangladesh. It has a huge campus of 18.5 acres in the New Market area. The institution has been operating since 1841 in a very orderly manner. At different times, this college was a high school for different talented people. That is why its reputation exists all over the country. In addition to education, there are many clubs here to express the talents of the students. Students get various sports and opportunities including football, cricket and basketball. Co-educational activities like BNCC, Rover Scout, Red Crescent are also available at this Dhaka College.



  • 4 buildings (academic + administrative)
  • 2 large playgrounds
  • Greenhouse
  • Healthy canteen
  • Attractive auditorium
  • Basketball ground
  • A library
  • A common room
  • 6 clubs
  • A mosque
  • 6 residential halls

Admission Information

You have to apply for admission through an online application.

Official Website: http://www.dhakacollege.edu.bd/
EIIN: 107977

Seats and Eligibility

  • Science (Bangla Version): 900 (GPA-5.00)
  • Commerce (Bangla Version): 160 (GPA-4.75)
  • Humanities: (Bengali version): 160 (GPA-4.50)

Dress Code

  • Shirt – white
  • Pants – black
  • Belt- black
  • Black oxford shoes
  • Socks – black

Cost & Fees

Admission fee: 3500 BDT

(Apart from this you have to collect college bags, badges, and guides for 500 BDT. Besides, there is no other charge)

Class Time and Rules

Classes of Dhaka College Higher Secondary Branch are from 8 am to 11 am. Students have to report to the college before 8 am and confirm their presence through fingerprint scanning. Then again after class you have to confirm your information through fingerprint scanning.

Residential Facilities

Of the 8 halls in Dhaka College, Sheikh Kamal Hall is allotted for higher secondary level students. The hall has 135 seats. The hall has good residential facilities. Quality meals are provided to the students from the hall. The seat confirmation charge for the hall will be 6150 BDT and meal charge 35 BDT per meal.

Recent Year Results

Year Appeared Passed Pass Rate GPA-5
2020 1272 1272 100.0 1232
2019 1282 1276 99.53 694
2018 1091 1066 97.71 480
2017 1078 1068 99.07 506



  • DCSC- Dhaka College Science club
  • DCPC- Dhaka College Photography Club
  • DCDC- Dhaka College Debate Club
  • DCAC- Dhaka College Adventure Club
  • DCMC- Dhaka College Music Club
  • DCELC- Dhaka College English Language Club


We are looking for campus ambassador from Dhaka College রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন এখনইRegistration Form.

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