FEOS solution 2022- BSMRMU

ধীরে ধীরে সম্পূর্ণ প্রশ্নের সমধান আমরা দিয়ে দিয়ে দিবো। আমাদের টিম এ নিয়ে কাজ করছে।


1. Meteors that hit the earth

A. are known as meteorites

2. The Earth’s atmosphere

C. and the friction it causes prevent many meteors from becoming meteorites.

3. Meteors are


4. We waited for the asparagus,

D. to be cooked

5. Which one of the following is the correct verb form of the word: beauty?

D. beautify

6. What is the synonym of ‘incredible”?

A. unbelievable

7. Find out the incorrect word in the sentence “There are much holidays throughout the year”.

C. much

8. The speaker failed to make the audience.

D. listen

9. Humorist!” she cried gaily, ____ into a cab, “you’re quite a humorist!”

B. jumping

10. It was twenty years ago and I ___ in Paris.

B. was living

11. Which one is correct?

A. Would you happy for this?

12. Light the oven now. Which parts of speech is the bold word?

A. Verb



13. Ans: (5,3)



25, At least count of a spherometer is-

Ans: 0.01mm

26, Moment of inertia depends on-

Ans: Mass and position of rotational axis.

27, A ladder of 8m length is kept inclined on a wall at 60 degree angle. A person of mass 80kg climbs to the top of the ladder. Calculate the work done by the person?

Ans: 3140J

28, The reflective index of the air is 1 and water is 1.33. Calculate the speed of light into the water?

Ans: 2.25×10^8 m/s

29, Which of the following is an irreversible process?

Ans: Producing heat by electricity

30. An object is moving in simple harmonic motion. The equation of motion is X=10cos(6πt+π/3). Find the velocity of the object after 3 seconds?

Ans: – 163 m/s

31. The value of acceleration of an object in simple harmonic oscillation is ____ of the value of displacement.

Ans: Proportional

32, The length of a train seems to be reduced to one third of its original length when moving at high speed. Calculate the velocity of the train.

Ans: 2.82×10^8 m/s

33,  At the maximum of the projectile’s trajectory

Ans: Velocity is zero.

34, A car moves at 90km/h. Which of the following is the equivalent of the velocity of the car?

Ans: 1500 m/min

35, A heater of 100 Ohm resistance is submerged in 2.5kg of water. If the heater current in 5Amp, calculate the time required to raise the temperature of the water by 24° C

Ans: 100s
36, Three cells of two electromotive forces, each 1.5 ohm internal resistance are connected with a register of 150 ohm in series. Find the current in the circuit.
Ans: 0.04 C/s


37, Which statement is not correct regarding isotope?

Ans: Isotopes have same mass number but different atomic number.

38, No. of valence electrons in the electronic configuration of Cu(29)?

Ans: 1

39, Which of the following compound has no π bond?

Ans: C2H6

40, Which of the following has a pH greater than 7.0?

Ans: 0.01 M Na2CO3

41, Which equation is applicable for 4.0g H2 gas as real gas?

Ans: D.


42, If at 25 degree C, the value of Kc for the following reaction is 0.14, then what is the value of K?

Ans: B. 0.14


Ans: A. gets reduced

44, Which one is correct regarding electricity generation from coal?

Ans: D. None

45, Identify the compound which has chiral centres –

Ans: Butane -2,3- diol


Ans: Both A and B are carboxyl compounds.


Ans: a monomer of protein.

48, Which of the following compounds produces red precipitate upon reaction with Fehling solution?





49. After fertilization, ovary of the flower becomes.

A. Fruit

50. Which Cycle occurs in C3 plants.

B. Calvin Cycle

51. Which one of the following is a connective tissue?

A. Blood

52. In which animal notochord is absent?

A. Non-chordates

53. Who is the father of taxonomy?

A. Carolus Linnaeus

54. Which of the following helps Rohu fish to receive oxygen?

D. Gill filament

55. Which of the following is called the Living Fossil ?

B. Cycas

56. Where does Photosynthesis take place?

B. Chloroplast

57. Which one is Perthenocopic fruit?

A. Banana

58. Which is the biggest gland of Human body?

D. Liver

59. Which animal is called the flower of ocean?

B. Cnidaria

60. Which cell is responsible for phagocytosis in blood?

C. Neutrophil




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