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PMC seat, fees, hostel

Popular Medical College .Popular Group is the only State of the Art total health care provider of the country in private sector. Popular Medical College is a prestigious concern of Popular Group. The college was established in 2010. Though fairly new among the procession of medical colleges of the country Popular Medical College has already, attained an enviable status for its outstanding care in preparing the students for their MBBS course. https://thedentallounge.com


House # 25, 25 Road No. 2, Dhaka 1205,Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Campus :

Popular Medical College is placed in a prime location of Dhaka City. Most of the civic facilities are situated within 5 km. Radius of the college. The college campus is easily connected by all types of transport and is within a very short distance from good dinning and shopping centers. The college has well-furnished residential hostel for the students situated near the college with dining hall and provisions for dining in groups. The academic building has adequate number of well-equipped air-conditioned lecture halls for large group teaching, conduction of examinations and social events. Every department has well equipped laboratory and or museum and adequate number of tutorials class rooms.

Admission fee:

The admission fee for the session 2019-20 is BDT 16,20,000.00 and

The internship fee (refundable) of BDT 1,80,000.00 is payable together at the time of admission.

A monthly tuition fee of BDT 8,000.00

*Re-admission fee is BDT 25,000/- (Twenty five thousand) only

Academic award :

1.”Attendance Award” for all students attaining 100% class attendance is an example of this

2.Principal’s Honor Roll” – is awarded to a student who achieves an aggregate of 75% or more marks over the whole calendar year including professional examination.

3.PMC Achievement Award” – is awarded to a student who obtains “Honors marks” in a professional examination held during a calendar year.

4.PMC Gold Student Award” – is awarded to a student who attains a position among the first 10 places in a professional examination during a calendar year.

Facilities :

*collage Library

*IT corner

*Hostel (both girls & boys)

*common room

*collage conference room

*collage cafeteria

*students resources centre

*students assistance centre

Course and Curriculum:

Official website:


Google map location:


International Medical College – Medi Review



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