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International Medical College was established in 2000 with the aim of providing quality medical education that can produce skilled medical professionals. Since the establishment, it has already grown significantly and achieved widespread recognition for its academic excellence and dedicated services. Students from both home and abroad are studying in this college in a very congenial environment.


International Medical College is located about 22 km away from the city center of Dhaka, more specifically, on the outskirts of Tongi. It is within 30 minutes of distance from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, and the main Railway station and Bus terminals of Dhaka City.

The Campus:

The campus has wonderful surroundings away from the hassle of hectic city life. It is enriched with the touches of nature – green vegetation, spaced villages, and large water bodies and so on. This natural setting provides a perfect place for learning because everyone has a chance to reflect on the matters that need utmost focus and depth of understanding in solitude. So, it is a great advantage for the medical students for delving into the most sophisticated knowledge of the world – the knowledge of human body. The college has its unique infrastructural facilities with the modern amenities that an educational institution can offer at international level. The present campus of the college has an area of about 9 acres of land. It is surrounded by a boundary wall so that the highest level security can be maintained. The office and all Preclinical and Para clinical departments are located in the academic building. The lecture galleries, classrooms, dissection hall, laboratories, museums, library and other facilities are appropriately arranged in various floors of the academic building.

Seat for MBBS student:

Total 125 seat. 50% seat for Bangladeshi students and 50% seat for overseas students.


For local students  = 16,20,000 (Sixteen Lacs twenty thousand Taka)

Internee Fee = 1,80,000 (One Lac eighty thousand Taka)

Tuition Fee = (8,000 X 60 months) = 4,80,000 (Four Lacs eighty thousand Taka)

Total Amount to be paid during admission = 18,16,000 (Eighten lac Sixten Thousand Taka)

Grand Total = 22,80,000 (Twenty two Lacs eighty thousand Taka)

For Foreign Students:

  1. Total US $ 49,000 (US dollars forty nine thousand only)

US $ 25,000 (US dollars twenty five thousand) at the time of admission

US $ 24,000 (US dollars twenty four thousand) to be paid in four equal installments at the end of each year.


1. Hostel facilities

2. Library with Internet and Wi-Fi facilities

3. Laboratories and Museums

4. Online education

5. Transport facility

6. Canteen facility

7. Gymnasium facility

8. ATM Booth

9. Mosque

10. Games and Sports facilities

11. IMC Archive

12. Academic activities of the college Faculties

Allied Institutes/Units of IML:

i) Nursing Unit

ii) International Health Technology Unit

iii) Kryterion Testing Centre (KTC)

Faculty members:

In the IMC, there are 84 faculty members.

Course and Curriculum:

Last 10 year’s final prof result:

Admission procedure:

Why IMC??

Official website:


Google map location:

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Medical Admission Question & Solution 2021-22



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