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NU 1st Release Slip Result 2022 . The 2022 National University Release Slip Result is already available. This is the first release slip result for honors. On August 29, 2022, the NU Release Slip Result 2022 was published. https://www.guardianfueltech.com modafinil online kaufen erfahrung Students will be able to know the NU Admission Release Slip Result 2022 through website and SMS from 4 pm. Using the admission roll and PIN, log in to the www.nu.ac.bd/admissions website to view the results. Or, you can send an SMS from any mobile phone to find out the outcome.

How to know the NU 1st Release Slip Result 2022 ?


The Bangladesh National University’s www.nu.ac.bd/admissions website has the NU Honours 1st Release Slip Result 2021–2022 available. You can also send an SMS from any mobile phone operator to 16222 with the text NU<space> ATHN <space> Admission Roll to find out the results. Just like the merit list, the release slip’s outcome is also known. To find out the National University Release Slip Result, follow the guidelines below.

  • Visit official website http://app1.nu.edu.bd/
  • Click on Login option from Honours option.
  • Login with the Admission Roll and PIN.
  • View results from the dashboard.

You must complete the final admission form by clicking on the admission form link on the Dashboard if your name appears on the merit list in the honours release slip result. Between August 29 and September 6, 2022, the relevant details on the entrance form can be provided. The admission must then be finalized by September 7, 2022, by paying the required sum using mobile banking in accordance with the requirements set forth by the relevant college. The college must receive the appropriate paperwork in person from the students.

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